The Radio Technology Wireless 54® .

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We’ve developed Wireless 54® , driven by the vision of a failsafe radio communication system. Wireless 54® will meet all requirements of EN54-25 and provide data exchange as reliable as the standards for hard-wired systems.

  • A unique radio search run will provide a reliable communication path. Measuring the signal strength of every system component, a suitable communication path to the panel will be determined. Automatically establishing the most effective wireless network.
  • To provide dependable communication during operation the panel and repeater will be equipped with 2 radio modules and radio communication will be distributed alternately on the transmission channels of one channel-group.
  • Whether a building is to be extended in retrospect or its layout is unusual, the Wireless 54® is equipped for such applications. 10 wireless repeaters per fire detection system can be used and with triple cascading of the wireless repeaters, the range can be quadrupled.