With Wireless 54® , we have automated many functions and consequently simplified the use of radio systems but if you have any questions, a set-up assistant is available to guide you.

  • All system components can be registered in the panel before installation. Their partner for direct communication, repeater or panel, will be automatically allocated during installation.
  • After installation, the signal strength of each component will be measured automatically. This will save time and the use of separate measurement devices and in addition will be more accurate than manual signal measurement.
  • 55 radio channels and which will be the most suitable? Wireless 54® will decide on the configuration of the most suitable radio channels for the installation.

A helpful set-up assistant.

Just like a set-up assistant for a software program, the Assistant Wireless 54® will offer guidance from beginning to end, i.e. from login to operation and also maintenance of a wireless fire detection system.

  • It presents the radio link visually by recording all automatically performed measurements by means of a chart and by determining the data processing for each device through the radio network.
  • It generates a protocol because the software establishes and maintains a record of all data resulting from commissioning and maintenance as well as the accumulated system messages.
  • It measures the battery voltage in order to quickly and simply identify which device needs a new battery