Assistant Wireless 54®

Similar to a set-up assistant of a software program, the Assistant Wireless 54® will offer guidance from beginning to end, i.e. from log-in to operating and also maintenance of the wireless fire detection system.

Product details

  • Providing alarm zones for acoustic signalling in the event of alarm via individual allocation of signalling devices
  • Comprehensive project planning and service functions e.g.: analyser, testing of communication paths, evaluation of transmission channels
  • By measuring the signal strength of every system component, a suitable communication path to the control panel will be determined. In this way, the wireless network configuration will be carried out automatically.
  • Simple and efficient maintenance due to measurement of battery and signal strength, event memory up to 1,000.000 entries, commissioning and maintenance reporting, remote monitoring
  • Customer and object related data management
  • Visualisation of radio topology after commissioning or on request
  • Connection cable F.BZ-PC for USB interface included

Light version

A light version is included with delivery of the wireless fire alarm control panel SRC 4000, offering the system log-in of the components, the automatic wireless network set-up as well as customer and object related data management. A reduced scope of operation exists when using the project planning or maintenance functions and the system configuration.

System requirements PC

CPU minimum Pentium 1 GHz
RAM 512 MB
hard disk minimum 2 GB
hard disk capacity minimum 10 MB
graphics no special requirements
connection 1 x USB interface
operating system as of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Article description

Assistant Wireless 54® , part number: 4800033 (SeCa GmbH)
Assistant Wireless 54® , part number: 32821 (detectomat GmbH)