Gateway Wireless 54®

Device for remote control and also remote maintenance of wireless fire alarm control panel SRC 4000 via internet (LAN). Designed for fitting into the control panel.

Product details

  • The Gateway Wireless 54® is designed for fitting into the wireless fire alarm control panel SRC 4000 offering remote control or maintenance of the control panel via internet (LAN), PC and Assistant Wireless 54® .
  • There is another way to realize remote access by using the Cloud Wireless 54® . Thereby SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm control panels with built-in Gateway Wireless 54® communicate with our Cloud Wireless 54® server via a secure Internet connection. Connect with the server via Internet for remote access to the control panels by using your smartphone or tablet and APP Wireless 54® .
  • A jumper on the gateway selects whether data exchange between PC and control panel will be realised via USB cable or via internet.
  • Encrypted data transmission

Technical data

  • Power supplied by the fire alarm control panel
  • Operating temperature: -10°C up to +60° C
  • Humidity: max. 96%, non-condensing
  • Dimensions: length = 98 mm   width = 52,5 mm   depth = 21 mm

Article description

Gateway Wireless 54® , part number: 4800035 (SeCa GmbH)
SRC 4000 GW, part number: 32794 (detectomat GmbH)