PC-Software Assistent Wireless 54®

Program installation

Please use the following links to download the actual release of the program. The program installation can be started by clicking the setup file and accepting the terms of a license.

 w54 10ico 48Download Assistent Wireless 54® 1.0
 To use for all systems installed
 from the beginning of April 2018.

 w54ico48Download Assistent Wireless 54®
 To use for all systems installed
 by the end of March 2018.

How to start the program

Register your name, company and registration key in the dialogue field „product activation“ and select the appropriate edition (light version or full version). Then send us the registered data by using the mail adress provided in the dialogue field. Via mail you will promptly receive your activation key that should also be written in the dialogue field to complete your entries and start the software program on your computer.

For an immediate program start a demo version with a 10 days run-time could be used. Subsequently the product activation procedure must be carried out for a further use of program.